Attorney Ian Reardon can provide legal services for your New Hampshire business. Forming a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation (INC) in New Hampshire can provide potential benefits such as, protection from liability, organizational structure, and possible tax savings. Attorney Reardon will discuss your business and help you decide what type of business entity is right for you.

Attorney Reardon can also provide guidance and legal services to already established businesses. This includes reviewing contracts, drafting contracts, guiding clients through compliance requirements, and resolving domain name disputes and other computer related legal issues.

Form a LLC

A limited liability company must be registered with the New Hampshire Secretary of State. A New Hampshire LLC will protect business owners from personal liability if the entity is used correctly.

Form a Corporation

A corporation, like the LLC, will protect the business owners from personal liability. A corporation is taxed (Federal and New Hampshire) as a separate entity and does not pass through to the owners.

Form a Partnership

A partnership is the default business entity formed when two or more people start a business. Some types of partnerships must be registered with the State and also provide limited liability.

Business Compliance

Depending on your business there may be regulations imposed by New Hampshire or the Federal government. Compliance with regulations means your business won't incur costly fees.

Contacts & Leases

Contacts are used to define business relationships and provide for recourse if anyone fails to perform. Doing business without properly prepared contacts can be dangerous and expensive.

Computer Law

Today more and more business is being done on computers and online. New issues are arising with domain names, social media, and website privacy. We understand computers and computer law.

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